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Police: Do you have an IIC backlog?


Police: Do you have an Indecent Image Case (IIC) backlog?

CYFOR offers police forces a cost-effective digital forensics triage service, to determine whether there are any indecent images present, reducing time and cost for you.

CYFOR will provide an initial assessment to determine whether further investigation is warranted.

  • We will forensically image any digital exhibits relevant to your case;
  • We will preview the exhibits using forensic software to determine the presence of IIC;
  • We can provide an MG11 Witness Statement;
  • We will achieve a 14 day turnaround.

Furthermore, we can identify and eliminate computers that aren’t relevant to a case and reduce the number of stages that need to be completed by you.

A forensically sound processes

CYFOR will collect the exhibits from you and return them at the end of the job. All digital media and their metadata are preserved during triage, maintaining evidence integrity. In addition, all data is stored in our court-accepted evidence format.  Our forensic investigative team is made up of ex-police and ex-military police officers operating from two Northern and Southern labs.

Trusted by over 30 police forces nationally

Having provided digital forensics services to police forces including: The Met, Greater Manchester, The City of London, Cheshire Constabulary, Gwent Constabulary, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Thames Valley, CYFOR is highly experienced in providing computer forensics expertise in cases including IIC, fraud, IP theft, national security and terrorism. If required, we can provide an MG11 Witness Statement detailing our findings, and if any further investigation is required a price can be provided, or the original exhibit or image returned to you to complete your investigation.

Contact us for more information

If you would like to find out more about our digital forensic services then please contact Senior Case Manager Chris Hoyle on 0161 797 8123, or email

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