Corporate Forensic Investigations

Intellectual Property (IP) Theft

CYFOR are experts in the retrieval of digital evidence relating to Intellectual Property (IP) Theft, including the unauthorised access and dissemination of company data and the specific communications encompassing this.

Intellectual Property (IP) Theft Investigations

Intellectual property is often the distinguishable factor that helps a business to stand out amongst its competitors and is usually one of its most valuable assets, whether the data is trade secrets, a client database, confidential technical product information, or financial information. It can be critical to giving an organisation the competitive edge within its relevant market. If a competing organisation was to imitate a patented company design too closely or take possession of a companies’ IP, the damage could be tremendous. Intellectual property (IP) theft commonly occurs when an employee leaves a business to work for a rival, or to set up their own company.

How we can assist you

Recognised as true leaders in this niche area of complex investigation, CYFOR are frequently instructed by clients who have had company data stolen by current or former employees. We provide investigations in cases ranging from intellectual property theft, partnership and contract disputes, to whistleblowing matters. The extensive capabilities of our multi-disciplinary team of experts allow us to forensically investigate digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, hard drives and tablets within strict time frames to meet client requirements.

Our digital forensic process

If evidence of employee data theft or company data theft exists and the intellectual property of your client has been compromised, then we will find it.

This includes the following areas of investigation;

  • Forensic imaging of computer/ laptop/ server
  • Data extraction of all user generated data, including live and easily recoverable deleted data
  • Data carving for deleted emails which may reside in unallocated space
  • Application of specific keywords across the data to narrow the results and provide more relevant results
  • Application of Internet Evidence software across the data to provide a detailed report of all Internet history and deleted web history
  • Determine any evidence of copying of data via Dropbox or other web based storage devices
  • Search for any evidence of web based email correspondence
  • Search for evidence of usage of USB devices and copying of data
  • Results provided on a hard drive or disc for review
  • Full report issued, detailing workflow, which can be relied upon in court

We are instructed by both law firms and companies directly. Contact us today to secure your organisation.

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We are instructed by both law firms and companies directly. Contact us today to secure your organisation.

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