Digital Forensic Seminars

Training seminars tailored to the specific requirements of your law firm

Have you ever wanted to find out exactly how certain digital forensic techniques can assist your criminal or family law case? CYFOR offer a bespoke range of training seminars that offer law firms a detailed insight into digital forensics.

Digital Forensic Training Seminars

Our digital forensic investigators disseminate various digital forensic specialisms, including but not limited to, cell site analysis, computer forensics and digital media investigations. They demonstrate what data can be retrieved and how this digital evidence can be instrumental to legal cases, including criminal, family law, and child care proceedings. These training sessions can be completed over a webinar or alternatively at your offices, whichever is the most convenient for your firm.

Seminar Topics

Our specialists are on hand to discuss the various digital forensics disciplines that we provide and how they can be applied to your existing and future cases. Past topics, which can be tailored at your request have included;

  • The importance of adhering to the forensic methodology for data preservation.
  • What is cell site analysis and how can it provide the evidence I need?
  • Mobile phone forensics – what data can be recovered?
  • Exploring digital media investigations
  • Computer forensics – The power of digital evidence
  • How much forensic detail can audio-visual forensics provide?
  • Identifying lines of enquiry that have been missed or omitted by the police.
  • What is an IP address and what does it mean to your investigation?
  • Has your relevant digital evidence been disclosed properly?
  • Understanding social media – The reliability of its evidence.
  • What evidence can be gleaned from router interrogation?
  • What is a Wi-Fi survey and how can it assist your case?
  • Obscure entries within call data records (CDRs).


“Both myself and the team that I supervise found CYFOR’s presentation of your digital services extremely informative. In terms of the scope of investigations for electronic evidence, it has opened our eyes to the potential deficiencies of the Crown’s case. Especially in such situations where either a defendant directly challenges assertions made by the Crown, or alternatively where the Crown draw conclusions on the involvement of a defendant in an offence via tracking/cell site/DDR evidence. CYFOR’s overview of the pitfalls of router evidence and spoof texting was also enlightening. Following on from the seminar, my team are revisiting their current cases to review prosecution evidence. We have already potentially identified at least one case involving cell site movements, and assertions made by the Crown from such evidence about an individual’s involvement where CYFOR may be able to help.”

– CM Solicitors

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