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Digital Media Investigations

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Digital Media Investigations can Identify the obscure digital evidence that’s crucial to your criminal defence case.

Digital Media Investigations


It’s commonplace for computers and mobile phones to be investigated by digital forensic experts, for use in criminal defence and prosecution cases. However, there is a range of more obscure investigative techniques that as a criminal solicitor, you may not be aware of.

The large quantities of data contained within social media profiles can often be vital to an investigation, whether it’s law enforcement, criminal defence or for an internal investigation within a business.

We can build a defence against the prosecution report, analyse and comment on the strategy logs generated by the prosecution and comment on the disclosure of evidence, which hasn’t yet been served.

  • Social media analysis (including posts, comments, messages, pictures, videos)
  • IP address identification and analysis
  • Router interrogation
  • Conduct Wi-Fi surveys and comment on the attribution of IP addresses
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Open source research investigations
  • Critiquing the digital evidence served by the Police
  • Analysing and commenting on the strategy logs generated by the prosecution
  • Cell Site Analysis

Wi-Fi Surveys and Investigations

A more obscure aspect to digital forensics, Wi-Fi investigations can provide crucial digital evidence. The data that can be recovered during a Wi-Fi survey can attribute an individual to a specific location, in a similar fashion to cell site analysis but more concise. A Wi-Fi survey at a location can also test coverage areas and ascertain whether a connection could have been possible from outside an address where a router was located. Physical router analysis can be utilised to view logs which potentially confirm a device was attached to the network at a relevant time.

Open Source Investigation

Open source investigations can capture digital evidence from online sources, including detailed profiles of individuals, companies and websites. Our experts can document this information in a straight forward and jargon-free manner, ensuring concise reporting suitable for use in court.

If you have an investigation that requires any form of online analysis, CYFOR’s Digital Media Investigators have the expertise to assist.

Social & Digital Media Investigations

The proliferation of social media platforms and applications has fuelled a rise in digital evidence across a wide range of criminal investigations. CYFOR’s Digital Media Investigators are experienced in performing a range of complex investigations to capture digital evidence, provide expert witness testimonies and produce detailed court-ready reports.

Corporate Investigations

Our Digital Media Investigations are not restricted to criminal law investigations. CYFOR’s investigators are regularly instructed by the corporate sector to assist in employee investigations, data theft investigations, compliance and risk management.

CYFOR Training Seminars

Arranged at your convenience, CYFOR provides complimentary training seminars for your law firm. Our experts can come to your offices and cover a range of informative topics, demonstrating what data can be retrieved and how this evidence can be instrumental in your case.

  • Understanding social media - The reliability of its evidence
  • What is an IP address and what does it mean to your investigation?
  • What evidence can be gleaned from router interrogation?
  • What is a wi-fi survey and how can it assist your case?
  • Obscure entries within call data records (CDRs)
  • Has your relevant digital evidence been disclosed properly?
  • Identifying lines of enquiry that have been missed or omitted by the police

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