Digital Forensics

Search Orders

CYFOR have a fully security cleared team of experienced digital forensic analysts, who can provide a fast and effective response to ensure preservation of evidence when a Search Order is issued.

Search and Seizure

CYFOR recognise that time is crucial once a Search Order has been executed. We have a fully security cleared team of experienced digital forensic analysts, who can provide a fast and effective response to ensure preservation of evidence. Our experts utilise the latest powerful digital forensic tools so that all forensic ‘imaging’ and the review of all recovered data is carried out with maximum efficiency.

Working in close proximity to all our clients from execution to completion, we ensure that requirements are completely understood. This in turn reduces overall costs and prevents any unforeseen workflow errors, while keeping business interruption to an absolute minimum.

Our experience has involved the preservation of evidence at multiple locations simultaneously, often in challenging circumstances. We have also co-ordinated operations outside of the United Kingdom, in both politically and religiously sensitive jurisdictions.

CYFOR’s team take full control once entry has been agreed and where possible will liaise with the target’s own I.T. team to identify all relevant data and ensure it is secured in accordance with the terms of the order. Our team are experienced in handling hostility, objections and other obstructive behaviour and will act professionally but robustly to ensure a successful collection regardless of the circumstances.

International Search Order Experience

Preservation and extraction of data in the Ukraine during the 2014 period of unrest, requiring 2 investigators to remain on site for 28 consecutive days. This was part of an investigation into a highly publicised and well documented situation.

Forensic collection of data from Georgia during a period of heightened political instability. Our investigators were operating close to gunfire that was taking place openly in the local streets.

Multiple collections in religiously and politically sensitive areas of the Middle East in both stable and un-stable countries.

Data extraction across Europe as part of a £350M dispute between telecoms companies involving over 225 custodians in the U.K. and Europe.

Collection of data from 75 custodians as part of a £50M dispute between a local government body and a construction firm.

A series of collections on behalf of an international computer manufacturer, working with the same law firm, as part of their revenue and brand protection efforts.

Preservation and collection of data from a local government body involved in a highly publicised Public Enquiry.

Collection of data from Saudi Arabia on behalf of members of the Saudi Arabian Royal family involved in a litigation in the UK. Our team were under the direct supervision of security personnel and operated within the Royal Household.

What is a Search Order?

The purpose of a search order is usually to preserve evidence or property which is (or may be) the subject of an action, or as to which a question arises in an action. Search orders are also known as “search and seizure orders”, and were formally referred to as “Anton Piller” orders.

As with freezing orders’, also known as Mareva injunctions, the Anton Piller order is an interlocutory order and may be issued in aid of execution at any point of case proceedings. The purpose of the Anton Piller order is the prevention of the destruction of documentation or evidence by a defendant before a trial commences.


The preservation of digital evidence is crucial within civil and criminal matters. With over a decade of expertise dealing with Search Orders, the CYFOR team can assist at a moments notice. Adhering to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Guidelines, they ensure the highest quality of investigations and reporting.

Benefits of using CYFOR include:

  • Experienced case managers
  • Court trained forensic investigators
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Accredited
  • Court ready reports from industry experts
  • Secure collection and delivery of exhibits via security cleared CYFOR couriers

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