Corporate Forensic Investigations

Forensic Readiness Planning

Specialists in organisational Forensic Readiness Planning and implementation. We can assess your organisation’s ability to respond to a compliance requirement, to support a digital forensic investigation, or as part of an internal investigation.

Forensic Readiness Planning

CYFOR’s Forensic Readiness Plans are bespoke assessments written for your business needs. We will supply you with robust plans to ensure that you have a fully auditable trail for evidence collection in an incident, ensuring you are prepared. A plan contains recommendations to enable business continuity in the event of an incident whilst ensuring that vital evidence is retained so that a full forensic enquiry can be conducted. Reactive strategies can be slower and can eliminate vital evidence.

CYFOR recognise that it is essential that you are immediately able to recover in the event of an incident but you also need to be able to investigate what happened and how it happened so that you can eliminate the possibility of any further problems and for compliance purposes. Without implementing a Forensic Readiness Plan you risk losing vital evidence during the recovery process. This potentially means that your systems remain at risk.

Incident Investigations

The effective preservation and analysis of data is now a pre-requisite for investigations, where data has been compromised or is required for review as part of any type of litigation or regulatory enquiry. Failure to act swiftly and preserve data could be costly. Prompt effective action will help to reduce litigation, minimise business disruption and limit any regulatory investigation.

  • Threats and extortion
  • Accidents and negligence
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Commercial disputes
  • Disagreements, deceptions and malpractice
  • Intellectual property rights infringement
  • Fraud
  • Content abuse
  • Invasion of privacy and identity theft
  • Employee disciplinary issues

Benefits of adopting a Forensic Readiness Policy;

Adoption of a Forensic Readiness Policy is also a mandatory requirement for Government Departments. But if you work with (or plan to work with) a Government Department then they may require, or expect, an organisation to have a forensic readiness policy.

  • Incident investigations will proceed in a more cost effective manner;
  • It is a deterrent to computer misuse and re-occurrences of abuse are reduced;
  • It assists with security awareness training for employees;
  • Maintaining proportionality of litigation and investigative costs;
  • Increasing the speed at which digital evidence can be produced;
  • Increasing the wealth of evidence and facilitating accelerated system and business recovery;
  • Acting as a deterrent to computer misuse;
  • Reducing the occurrences of digital technology abuse;
  • Assisting with internal security awareness;
  • Provision of 24/7 cover to aid in incident response;

Consequences of not adopting a forensic policy

If an organisation does not have a forensic readiness plan, then it is likely to be unprepared for the consequences of an incident investigation. Law enforcement agencies could conduct a search of premises and seize business-critical computer systems, which could cause major business continuity issues. Also, an organisation may be prone to significant liabilities if it cannot collect digital evidence to a standard required during civil proceedings and regulatory enquiries.

  • A computer forensic company’s involvement with an organisation is generally considered to be a reactive measure that should be employed following a security or policy breach.
  • Most companies would benefit from being proactive about digital evidence.
  • Forensic Readiness Plans can benefit your business by preparing you for compliance requirements and ensuring an efficient investigation into digital crime.

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