Corporate Forensic Investigations

Document Analysis & Authentication

Do you want to see when a document was really created, and by whom? Have you received communication that you don’t think is genuine? Has a document been edited to someone’s advantage?

CYFOR's Forensic Document Analysis & Authentication service can determine the legitimacy of emails, messages, computer files and electronic documents. With the application of advanced digital forensic techniques and metadata analysis, we can decipher the digital evidence you require for legal proceedings.

Document Analysis & Authentication

CYFOR’s long-standing digital forensic expertise enables advanced document analysis techniques to be applied to various digital media and correspondence, including;

  • Computer Investigations – examination of computers, servers, tablets, hard drives, sat navs, removable media
  • Vendor invoices, emails, documents, files, messages, CCTV, photographs and audio analysis
  • Mobile Phone Examinations – recovering and analysing data stored on mobile devices, SIM cards, PDAs, and media attachments

Examining the digital evidence

Utilising our digital forensic capabilities, we can determine the legitimacy of emails, messages, photographs and various other electronic documents. This is achieved by examining the hash values or digital fingerprint and metadata of each file in question and providing detailed information such as:

  • The date it was last modified
  • The date it was last accessed
  • The source of the document
  • The author of the document
  • Creation date

Why instruct us?

As a leading authority in digital forensics, CYFOR has vast experience in document analysis & authentication for criminal and civil legal proceedings. Our team of document evidence analysts and digital forensic experts come from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement, military, academic and cyber security.  This combined experience allows CYFOR to provide a leading digital evidence investigative service, backed by a dedicated quality management department that operates to ISO accreditations. This ensures that our clients receive the utmost quality of service and professionalism that is expected while meeting standards that can be relied upon in court.

The cost of fraud

Fraud now costs the UK economy £193 billion a year. According to the Annual Fraud Indicator, business fraud accounts for £144 billion, while fraud against individuals is estimated at £9.7bn. Fraudulent activity is especially prolific within insurance, procurement and individual identity fraud, with perpetrators always exploiting new opportunities, which includes the tampering and fraudulent production or replication of documents.

We are instructed by both law firms and companies directly. Contact us today.

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We are instructed by both law firms and companies directly. Contact us today.

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