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Forensic CCTV Analysis

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Experts in forensic CCTV analysis, including data extraction, review and presentation of CCTV and digital video evidence for criminal, family and corporate matters.

Forensic CCTV analysis of footage can provide clarification in confirming the identification of vehicles, individuals, and the time of day, or for ascertaining a timeline of events. CYFOR are instructed by law firms that require the extraction, analysis, review, and presentation of CCTV evidence in criminal, family law and corporate cases. Dedicated case managers handle all instructions, and provide end-to-end support at every investigation stage.

CCTV analysis expertise

Our digital forensic experts can acquire and process data from CCTV units, ensuring it remains forensically intact and true to the original content. Using the latest forensic CCTV analysis technology and recovery methodology ensures that video and CCTV evidence are analysed and presented in line with the ACPO guidelines.

Our experienced forensic CCTV specialists are also regularly called upon as expert witnesses to provide evidence in court. CYFOR has experience analysing CCTV footage related to the following offences;

  • Personal injury claims
  • Robbery/theft
  • Arson
  • Terrorism
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Employee misconduct

Forensic CCTV analysis services

CYFOR provide a wide range of CCTV analysis services including:

  • CCTV image enhancement to improve the quality of footage.
  • Event analysis using tracking markers to evidence the movement of an individual across a timeline of events.
  • Video authenticity to identify whether CCTV footage has been manipulated or tampered with.
  • Digital retrieval and restoration of damaged, overwritten or deleted digital video evidence.
  • Facial mapping analysis to measure and map unique features to identify an individual.


What is forensic CCTV analysis?

CCTV forensics is the analysis of video footage captured on a specific CCTV (closed-circuit television) system. This is achieved using specialist software and forensic methodology to ensure the admissibility of the digital evidence. Whether there are single or multiple cameras attached to the system, digital forensic experts can capture all relevant footage within a specified timeframe. CCTV analysis can help confirm the identification of individuals, vehicles, and the time of day, or for evidencing a timeline of events.

The analysis will culminate in a presentation alongside an expert report and statement ready for use in court. All specific information relating to the investigation is identified, coinciding with times and dates from the CCTV systems. The acquired digital evidence can assist both prosecution and defence in establishing a case’s accurate timeline of events.

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Interested in our other Digital Forensic services?

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