Digital Forensics

Call Data Record Analysis

Our analysts combine various datasets and provide you with clear conclusions in relation to call pattern analysis, cell usage, handset/SIM swapping and handset movement.

Call Data Record Analysis can provide crucial digital evidence

Call Data Record (CDR) Analysis can be invaluable in establishing relationships between defendants or determining wider locations such as the town or city a call was made or received. It is also possible to be more accurate in determining a geographical location through cell site analysis.

When Call Data Record Analysis is combined with other digital evidence such as CCTV or email, a conclusive argument can be constructed. This is vital in establishing the matrix of phone usage and Call Data Record Analysis of various dates leading up to the events in question. CYFOR is able to combine this information and graphically illustrate the movement and general locality of a device user.

Call Data Records

Call Data Record Analysis identifies calls that are either made or received, providing the following data;

  • Date of call
  • Time of call
  • Call duration
  • Number making the call (originating)
  • Number receiving the call (terminating)
  • IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • CI – Cell site identity number


CYFOR’s expertise within Call Data Record Analysis (CDR) stems from over a decade of experience within digital forensics. We are also proud to have leading industry experts at our disposal, including ex-military forensic investigators, who utilise the latest forensics software. CYFOR adhere to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Guidelines and use the latest mobile phone forensics examination techniques to provide a profile of usage to ensure the highest quality of investigations and reporting is adhered to.

  • Experienced case managers
  • Court trained forensic investigators
  • ISO 27001 Accredited
  • Court ready reports from industry experts
  • Secure collection and delivery of exhibits via security cleared CYFOR couriers

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