Digital Forensics

Family Law & Childcare Proceedings

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CYFOR are highly experienced in applying digital forensic expertise to a range of family law matters from divorce to childcare proceedings. With leading industry experts and adhering to Legal Aid costs, we can identify the digital evidence you require.

CYFOR frequently collaborate with family law solicitors and local authorities, assisting in a broad range of investigations with particular expertise in child-care proceedings to forensically uncover digital evidence.


Our digital forensic experts are experienced in dealing with communications between parties across all platforms and are available to discuss your enquiry directly should you require it.

Reports are quality assured by a second expert and provided at short notice, ahead of court deadlines, often with generated material such as USBs due to the amount of digital evidence recovered.

Our case managers liaise directly to obtain evidence swiftly with direct communication to police forces should devices have been seized. All collections are completed by secure CYFOR couriers, from either solicitors, social workers or parents’ addresses.

  • Immediate response to enquiries
  • Availability to advise of costs and timescales, with limited information, often when clients are in court
  • Offer advice with regard to what may/may not be achievable
  • Quotes provided within 24 hours of receipt of relevant information
  • A wealth of experience dealing with matters relating to ‘non-accidental injury to a child’
  • Facility to split invoices
  • Familiar with the measures parties may go to often regarding deletion of data

Our qualified experts use the latest forensic methodology to interrogate mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and other digital media including social media account downloads.

Digital Evidence

Everyday digital interactions between individuals can be retrieved and used as evidence, including internet browsing history, social media data, hidden/deleted data, Whatsapp, SMS messages, images, videos, and other communication data.

This list is not exhaustive and is are examples of the digital evidence we can retrieve. The information obtained from our digital forensic investigations can provide admissible evidence in a court of law.

  • Call history and contact details
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and SMS Messages
  • Videos, pictures and audio recordings
  • Internet history and emails
  • Social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Hidden and deleted data

Using leading technology, all examinations are carried out in our ISO 17025 accredited digital forensics lab to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines. Many family law and child-care proceedings cases come to light at the eleventh hour and is a familiar situation that CYFOR is proficient to deal with. Operating to Legal Aid costs, our experienced case managers provide concise quotations to ensure LAA funding is efficiently secured, and our secure in-house couriers are adept at retrieving exhibits from individual parties and Police forces should the need arise. Furthermore, all CYFOR experts have the necessary experience in dealing with child-care proceedings/family matters of a sensitive nature, and are security cleared and trained for court attendance should they be required.


Cell Site Capabilities

With one of the UK’s largest cell site teams, our cell site analysis capabilities allow experts to highlight the location of a phone at a given date and time; to show whether individuals were together or not at relevant periods; or to prove communications when parties have deleted messages from handsets. Using specialist techniques, this is achieved by interrogating the RAW call data records from network providers which cannot be manipulated. Our team can assist should you find yourself in a position of needing to request call data records from network providers.

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Interested in our other Digital Forensic services?

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