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Forensic Speech Analysis

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CYFOR provide a range of audio forensics, including forensic speech analysis, audio enhancement and transcription services for private, criminal, civil and corporate investigations.

Forensic Speech Analysis

Forensic Speech Analysis involves the detailed analysis of audio, from sources such as a phone call, voicemail message or covertly recorded conversation.

This is with the aim of producing a reliable phonetic profile of a speaker to determine the identity of said person. Other related fields are enhancement of poor-quality audio recordings, and authentication of questioned recordings in order to establish whether a recording has been manipulated, edited or otherwise tampered with.


Forensic Speech Analysis Expertise:

  • Forensic speech analysis
  • Forensic voice analysis
  • Voice comparison
  • Voice identification
  • Speaker identification
  • Transcription enhancement
  • Audio enhancement
  • Audio verification
  • Audio authentication

Forensic Investigations

We have provided expert digital forensic evidence and court room witness testimony reports on speaker identity, and audio authentication for a range of high-profile cases in the following areas:

  • Fraud
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Murder
  • Kidnap
  • Blackmail
  • Sexual offences
  • Drug offences
  • Civil litigation
  • Trading standards
  • Professional conduct investigations
  • Employee investigations
  • Commercial disputes
  • Whistleblowing investigations
  • Bribery cases
  • Corruption

Forensic Methodology

Forensic Speech Analysis uses an established methodology for comparing phonetic and linguistic features across disputed and confirmed speech recordings. This is in order to examine the evidence for and against the proposition that both samples originate from the same speaker.

Where the questioned material consists of complex or poor-quality recordings, including body-worn recording devices, CCTV or mobile phone recordings, we can provide specialist forensic transcription services. Either in association with a Speech Comparison exercise or independent undertaking.

Speaker Comparison Analysis

The process of speaker comparison analysis involves creating a detailed profile of the questioned individual’s speech patterns, including the use of language, intonation, fluency and details of the pronunciation of individual vowel and consonant sounds.

This profile is then compared with the known sample, in order to assess to what extent, the features match across the two samples, and how distinctive the matches are compared with what is typically found among the relevant speech population.

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