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Upgraded Security For Internet Users


A new ‘DNSSEC’ security layer will be added to web address systems to help protect users from cyber attacks.

Domain Name System Security Extensions

The Domain Name System Security Extensions will prevent hackers from intercepting DNS data and redirecting users to fake websites. Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer at the Internet Society responsible for developing DNSSEC, commented

“DNSSEC will improve the security of the web so we can have more confidence in the activities on the network as it increasingly becomes part of our working and home lives.”

“It acts like tamper-proof packing to make sure if you type in the website name of your bank, that you actually get to the machine that your bank wants you to use and not a machine that looks like that of your bank but is operated by those who want to steal your log-in details,” said Ms Daigle.

Cyber criminals are increasingly using false DNS servers to intercept legitimate web addresses and redirect users to fake sites, which steal personal information.

DNSSEC is a major step forward in internet security, however, it cannot prevent all cybercrime so internet users are still advised to maintain best practices.

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