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Businesses Take Action to Preserve Their Bottom Line

20th August 2009

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As the economy recovers to repair itself and the depth of the recession continues to bite, businesses are taking are far more robust approach to preserving their bottom line.

In the past businesses may have chosen not to take action against an employee who they suspected of stealing sensitive data.  Likewise, any frauds that were detected may have been overlooked if they were not of a serious nature.

Nowadays these situations are being investigated far more strenuously with the intention of recovering losses through civil and criminal proceedings. This also serves to send out a message to others employees.

Another change to the legacy situation is that businesses are now being far more pro-active in attempting to identify fraudulent activity. Traditionally a mixture of luck or whistle blowing uncovered these situations. Hard times and corporate governance have seen a growth in pro-active investigations. These investigations are basically a fishing expedition, in the hope of identifying sinister activity very early on, and preferably before any losses have occurred.

CYFOR is regularly called on to investigate “post incident” fraudulent activity; but nowadays we are being instructed more and more on a “pre-incident” basis.

Our skill and expertise allows us to consider the most likely area that losses may occur and concentrate our efforts in this direction. Whether this is politically or morally correct is now far less of an issue than previously. Shareholders and the public will no longer tolerate this kind of incident and businesses that do nothing in way of prevention are criticised heavily.


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