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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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Public Sector

Public Sector organisations unfortunately encounter computer misuse, theft of intellectual property or information security breaches on a more frequent basis.  Such situations need to be handled with efficiency to minimise disruption to business operations.

Whatever form of digital evidence may be involved, CYFOR can provide a seamless service. Having worked with many public sector organisations we understand the sensitivity of digital forensic and information security investigations. We are experienced at conducting covert operations at the request of the client and can respond to incidents outside business hours if required.


CYFOR has worked with a number of public sector organisations in handling large amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). These cases have included electronic disclosure in regulatory cases and the investigation of vast quantities of emails and user generated documents in contractual disputes.

We also provide proactive services to protect a public sector organisation’s assets, whether these are data, people or financial information.  Information security services, including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, should be carried out frequently to ensure that the organisation’s IT infrastructure is secure.

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