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Leading specialists in eDiscovery, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

CYFOR prides itself on employing a large team of highly qualified individuals, who are each specialists in their area of expertise.

With qualified digital forensic investigators, eDisclosure project managers and information security consultants, this diverse range of skills and experience means that we are well placed to respond to the varied and specific requirements of our clients.

Digital Forensic Investigators

Our digital forensic investigators are all approved Expert Witnesses and courtroom trained. The CYFOR investigations team benefits from the experience gained in various backgrounds including the RAF Police, Police High Tech Crime Unit, Fraud Squad and academia. The team is fully trained and experienced in the use of advanced forensic technology platforms, including EnCase and Forensic Toolkit, as well as a broad range of complementary forensic applications.

eDisclosure & eDiscovery Specialists

CYFOR’s eDiscovery department is fully experienced in all stages of the EDRM workflow. This ensures that each case is aligned to legal requirements, complies with time scales and most importantly, ensures that cost is proportional to the case in question. All members of the eDiscovery project team are certified in Clearwell, Relativity and Nuix Web Review, as well as being Relativity Certified Administrators.

Our technical personnel are supported by an experienced team, all of which are security vetted. This includes a dedicated project manager assigned to each case and secure in house couriers, responsible for the transportation of all exhibits.

Cyber Security Professionals

Our cyber security specialists understand the complexities of protecting an organisation’s electronic data. They are experienced in conducting cyber security audits and vulnerability assessments to provide a comprehensive view of an organisation’s security posture. They are also highly qualified in responding to a vast range of security threats, including (but not limited to) Ransomware, Malware, Phishing and DDoS attacks.

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