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Assisting organisations within the private sector with digital forensics and cyber security expertise.

Conducting business in the private sector has become increasingly complex.

Transactions are conducted across international borders and levels of communication have increased as individuals have become more accessible. In addition, the security of an organisation’s data is paramount with increasing threats apparent.

Inevitably disputes arise that require litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution. Almost certainly there will be a requirement for electronic disclosure which can also involve a degree of digital evidence.

In these circumstances, you need to react quickly and efficiently. Reputations are usually at stake and a resolution needs to be found swiftly to avoid wasting hard-earned profits on costly and protracted proceedings.


At CYFOR we understand your requirements and we can efficiently guide you through this complex process. We are used to reacting quickly and delivering results for our clients on time and on budget. We can also protect an organisation’s reputation and assets through offering information security services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and IT security audits. With new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day it is essential that businesses protect their security posture.

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