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Regulatory & Law Enforcement

Providing industry-leading digital forensic expertise to Regulatory & Law Enforcement agencies since 2002

Regulatory & Law Enforcement

Since inception in 2002, CYFOR has been providing Digital Forensics to law enforcement agencies across the United Kingdom. With thousands of criminal investigations conducted, our experience in this sector is unparalleled.

Utilising the latest technology and forensic techniques, our team of forensic investigators understand the critical nature of all investigations undertaken and are experts at identifying, recovering, analysing and reporting digital evidence.

Working to stringent forensic protocols and industry standards such as the ACPO Guidelines and ISO 27001, CYFOR can be considered to be an extension of your agency’s own high tech crime unit. Our premises and staff are fully security cleared and our systems and methodology will ensure seamless integration.

CYFOR also provides eDisclosure and litigation support services to organisations that are being regulated against. Often having to respond at short notice and disclose vast amounts of electronically stored information, we can provide the latest eDisclosure solutions to process, search and review data. Using an eDisclosure solution will enable organisations to quickly ascertain what documents need to be reviewed internally, and what the regulators will see in their data capture.

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