Corporate Forensic Investigations

Computer Forensic Investigations

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As the foremost experts in computer forensic investigations, CYFOR are instructed by clients and their law firms directly to recover, analyse and present digital evidence stored in computers.

Computer Forensic Investigations

Operating globally, CYFOR are the foremost computer forensics provider, assisting clients and law firms directly. Computer forensic investigations involve the extraction and analysis of electronically stored information (ESI) from devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and hard drives. The digital evidence recovered from these systems can be crucial to the outcome of corporate legal proceedings.

Our seasoned investigators are experts in the recovery, analysis and reporting of computer data, and adhere to The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) guidelines. This ensures that any extracted data is forensically sound and can be used as admissible evidence in court.

Digital Evidence

Our expertise allows us to recover data, identify instances of data theft and provide a detailed analysis and report of computer usage.

  • Email correspondence
  • Deleted files, folders, emails, and messages
  • Social media communication
  • Application history
  • Internet activity and history

Extracting Data Correctly

A computer forensics investigator is not an IT technician. Years of training and ongoing development is standard, as deciphering binary and metadata on a computer is a complex skill. To have a computer involved in a case should be viewed as an absolute asset, as the quantity, variety, and potential value of data stored on the hard drive can be invaluable.

However, if best practice guidelines and forensic methodology are not followed, and a forensic expert is not instructed, digital evidence can be irretrievable, becoming inadmissible in court or at tribunals.

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