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Forensic Readiness Planning

Specialists In Organisational Forensic Readiness Planning and Implementation

Forensic Readiness Planning can assess your organisation’s readiness to respond to a compliance requirement, to support a digital forensic investigation, or as part of an internal investigation.

The effective preservation and analysis of data is now a pre-requisite for investigations, where data has been compromised or is required for review as part of any type of litigation or regulatory enquiry. Failure to act swiftly and preserve data could be costly. Prompt effective action will help to reduce litigation, minimise business disruption and limit any regulatory investigation.

In this digital age, electronic information is prevalent in all areas of business. This information may be required in many and varied investigative situations including eDisclosure requests, data breaches, commercial disputes, fraud or employee disciplinaries. If an organisation has not considered forensic readiness as part of an information security policy, it is likely to be unprepared for an investigation involving digital evidence.

Forward planning through adopting a forensic readiness plan can provide multiple benefits to your organisation;

  • Maintaining proportionality of litigation and investigative costs
  • Increasing the speed at which digital evidence can be produced
  • Acting as a deterrent to computer misuse
  • Reducing the occurrences of digital technology abuse
  • Assisting with internal security awareness training

Forensic Readiness Review Elements

CYFOR’s qualified forensic consultants will assess your organisation’s readiness to undertake or support a digital forensic investigation and cover the following areas:

  • Policy and procedure
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Public relations and messaging
  • Incident tracking and risk decisions
  • Enterprise documentation
  • Asset inventory and profiling
  • Information gathering points
  • Auditing and logging
  • Infrastructure and tools

Core benefits

  • Ensure compliance with policies, auditing guidelines and regulations.
  • Get enterprise-class protection with up to date scans for over 14,000 vulnerabilities and 54,500 checks.
  • Automate all steps in your vulnerability management life-cycle from discovery to prioritisation and issue resolution.
  • Gain immediate insight into the security posture of your networks, operating systems, databases and Web applications.
  • Mitigate risk by identifying and fixing the most critical security threats in your infrastructure with customisable risk scoring.
  • Increase productivity and reduce resolution times through streamlined step-by-step re-mediation reports and task delegation.

Forensic Readiness Planning



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