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Electronic Document Review for Legally Aided Matters

Electronic Document Review for Legally Aided Matters

Are you a criminal solicitor faced with a large set of data that needs to be forensically examined? CYFOR now facilitate electronic document review for legally aided matters. 

CYFOR can facilitate electronic document review for legally aided cases, a crucial process when there is a requirement to review large amounts of electronic data. This can include searching across mobile phones, computers and servers. We have combined our 15 years’ experience in working on legally aided matters, with over 10 years’ experience in working with document heavy civil cases.

Utilising the latest software, our civil experience includes the use of advanced processes and technologies. No other document review provider has the experience of legal aid that we do.

If you believe that the information for your client’s defence is buried in an email account or computer, then CYFOR have the relevant experience and technologies to find it.

We bring the documents that are critical to your legally aided case to light.

What exactly is electronic document review?

Electronic document review does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the review of documents that are in an electronic format. This is facilitated by online review platforms, which are typically utilised within civil cases, due to the large number of electronic documents involved in litigation. These platforms allow for the effective management of huge amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) while reducing time and costs.

CYFOR invest heavily in the latest legal technologies to provide a specialist service of the highest calibre. Our premium software is Relativity, a market leading document review platform.

This powerful, yet user friendly solution is designed to tackle huge amounts of data. It can identify exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently, while ensuring a streamlined review experience for the user.

Your defence could benefit from the following;

  • Access to an online review platform. Allowing you to easily and quickly navigate through data, where you can identify documents of interest and print them in a readable format, suitable for the use in court bundles.
  • Applying specific keywords and date ranges to reduce the number of documents for review.
  • De-duplication of your documents can reduce data volume and improve review speed.
  • Analytics to categorise the documents and gain a quick insight into the content for relevance.
  • Interactive dashboards, used to drill down further into the data sets using a series of pivot charts and tables.
  • Saved Searches, to build search queries based on metadata fields across the data set. These can include email conversations between people or documents created within a specific time frame.

We can also generate court bundles based on the documents that you identify to be critical to the case. These can be combined into one PDF document and sent to you electronically. Alternatively, you can utilise our printing services and have these delivered to your offices or directly to court.

Our experience of electronic document review for legal aid matters includes the following;

  • Fraud
  • Regulatory
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Terrorism

Relativity Analytics

Due to the growth in data collected from electronic devices in criminal proceedings, analytical tools are now being used to facilitate the speed and efficiency of document review.

Relativity Analytics is a vital tool in assessing the content of large, varied or unknown sets of documents. Its functions can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on review by prioritising documents based on a technique called clustering or categorisation.

Relativity’s Analytics engine can find documents based on relationship patterns. This identifies correlations and conceptual similarities between documents, allowing the user to gain insight into the topics and categories of documents present within the dataset.

Dashboards can also be created on Relativity, allowing the user to visualise their data set using a series of pivots and charts. These are fully interactive, automatically updating when the user adds filters or searches to drill down into their data set.

Supporting you all the way

To ensure you make the most of the technology, we provide continuous support throughout. All clients receive training sessions to ensure they have enough knowledge on how to use the platform. We also utilise this time to assist in generating a workflow on how to make the most of the review platform against review requirements. These can be hosted online using our online web conferencing software or our experts can come directly to your offices to assist.

Our electronic document review service is tailored in a formatted quote that is accepted by legal aid. To find our more, please contact one of our experts on +44 (0) 161 797 8123 or email

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