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Online Document Review

Featuring Relativity Analytics (v.10), CYFOR's end-to-end online document review platforms facilitate every stage of the eDiscovery life-cycle and EDRM and cater for small basic eDiscovery workflows to large complex projects

Online Document Review Services

As powerful and indispensable tools in the eDiscovery process CYFOR heavily invest in the latest document review technologies, ensuring the provision of the highest quality service to clients. They allow for the effective management of vast amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) in commercial litigation, dispute resolution and investigations, while drastically reducing costs.


Our premium eDiscovery technology is Relativity (v.10), an end-to-end, web-based platform servicing every part of the eDiscovery life-cycle. As a customisable platform, it enables case teams to create basic workflows from small, simple reviews to the largest, most complex projects, all in a highly scalable environment. With a full range of advanced data analytics and search technology, Relativity helps visualise patterns in data and investigate trends. These features improve review speed and lets reviewers quickly identify key issues. From legal hold through production, including Early Case Assessment (ECA), Relativity provides all the tools necessary to tackle an investigation and a full range of review challenges.

Relativity Features Overview

Regardless of the complexity, size, or needs of your matter, Relativity brings everything together in one platform to help simplify and accelerate how you conduct electronic disclosure and investigations.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold allows users to create a defensible, repeatable process for managing legal holds. Streamlined and automated workflows mean any team, including legal, IT, or HR can run their unique legal hold processes in Relativity, maintaining a defensibly-sound audit trail of all communications with relevant parties.


Collection is a flexible, easy-to-use application that allows users to perform collections of select documents from anyone, anywhere, without disrupting the work day. By applying targeted collections, case teams can significantly reduce downstream costs, and speed up review. The quick and flexible workspace provides early insight and simplifies the process.


Processing is tightly integrated into the Relativity platform. Data can be processed and reviewed without moving between systems, improving workflow and significantly increasing the speed of review.

ECA and Investigation

ECA and Investigation is part of a comprehensive solution designed to help you focus your data set to gain insights sooner, assess risk, reduce cost, and hone your strategy. You can use Relativity Analytics at any point to amplify your efforts.

Review & Productions

Relativity provides everything you need to tackle your document review and production challenges, from the smallest to the most complex projects. Build and automate custom workflows that meet the unique needs of your team—whether it’s a time-sensitive second request or an ongoing investigation.

Analytics & Assisted Review

Analytics amplifies review efforts by automatically clustering conceptually similar documents and labelling them by the most prevalent ideas in each one. With features like Email Threading, Clustering, and Technology Assisted Review, analytics can be used throughout your project to help minimise your data set, organise and prioritise documents, take an investigative approach, and accelerate review.

Relativity Analytics

Relativity Analytics is a vital tool in assessing the content of large, varied or unknown sets of documents. Analytics identifies correlations and conceptual similarities between documents, allowing the user to gain insight into the topics and categories of documents present within the data set. This function can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on review by prioritising documents for first pass review or reducing the overall number of documents to review in the workspace

Dashboards & Data Visualisations

Relativity allows for the creation and customisation of dashboards, allowing users to visualise their data set using a series of pivots and charts. Dashboards are created using widgets and are fully interactive. These automatically update when a user adds filters or searches to analyse their data set.

Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

London: 0207 438 2045

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Find out more about how our eDisclosure services can assist with your electronic information challenges

London: 0207 438 2045

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

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