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Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Seminars

Training seminars tailored to the specific requirements of your law firm

Have you ever wanted to find out exactly how certain digital forensic techniques can assist your criminal case?

Perhaps you’re a law firm dealing predominantly in civil litigation and want to keep your solicitors up to date with the latest eDiscovery technology?

CYFOR offer a bespoke range of training seminars that offer law firms a detailed insight into digital forensics and eDiscovery.

Digital Forensic Training Seminars

Our digital forensic investigators disseminate the various digital forensic specialisms, including cell site analysis, computer forensics and digital media investigations. They demonstrate what data can be retrieved and how this digital evidence can be instrumental to your criminal and civil cases.

Seminar Topics

Our specialists are on hand to discuss the various digital forensics disciplines that we provide and how they can be applied to your existing and future cases.

Past topics, which can be tailored at your request have included;

  • The importance of adhering to forensic methodology for data preservation.
  • What is cell site analysis and how can it provide the evidence I need?
  • Mobile phone forensics – what data can be recovered?
  • Exploring digital media investigations
  • Computer forensics – The power of digital evidence
  • The rise of social media investigations
  • How much forensic detail can audio visual forensics provide?

eDiscovery Training Seminars

Vast amounts of electronically stored information now exist in every organisation. Should you need to find pertinent emails or documents in response to a litigation or regulatory enquiry, where would you start? Tailored to your firm’s specific requirements, our eDiscovery consultants break down the component elements of the full EDRM life-cycle, demonstrating how it can be instrumental to your case. This detailed insight into the entire eDiscovery life-cycle ensures that your firm is up to date with the latest technological capabilities to aid your civil matter as best as possible.

Past Seminar Topics

Finding that elusive ‘needle in a haystack’ can be an extremely time consuming and expensive task.

Our eDiscovery specialists are on hand to discuss the eDiscovery work flow—from forensic data collection to the production of responsive documents and cover topics such as the following;

  • Examining the various models within the Disclosure Pilot
  • The importance of forensic methods for data preservation
  • The advantages of using eDiscovery software
  • Critiquing the opposing electronic disclosure in litigation

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Manchester: 0161 797 8123

London: 0207 438 2045

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Contact us to find out more about our eDiscovery and Digital Forensics seminars

London: 0207 438 2045

Manchester: 0161 797 8123

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