Corporate Forensic Investigations

Corporate Forensic Investigation Seminars

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Preserve, authenticate and investigate digital evidence for internal corporate investigations and legal proceedings.

CYFOR offer a range of tailored seminars designed to provide valuable insight into digital forensics and corporate forensic investigations.

Corporate Forensic Investigation Seminars

Digital Forensics is the practice of interrogating digital devices in a secure and repeatable manner so that the outcome can be detailed in a report that is admissible for evidential use in court. Evidence found on laptops, tablets and computers regularly proves key to many of today’s legal disputes and internal company investigations, and with the nature of the modern world, this is only looking to increase.

Find out how digital forensic techniques can assist you and your clients in ongoing and future cases by having a CYFOR specialist attend your offices at your convenience, to provide informative and thought-provoking seminars – completely complimentary.

Seminar Topics

All seminars are complimentary and tailored to the specific requirements of your department.

Through case studies and topical discussion, you will learn what is possible as a result of digital forensics and when it is best to instruct an independent expert.

  • The importance of adhering to forensic methodology for data preservation
  • The hidden audit trail: What data can be retrieved, and how can it help?
  • Digital forensics in the corporate world
  • Pro-active risk management and advanced investigative techniques
  • Digital media devices and the importance of metadata authentication

Departments of key relevance:

We collaborate with law firms and organisations specialising in various disciplines.

  • Employment Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Financial Crime
  • Regulatory

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Interested in our other Corporate Forensic Investigation services?

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