Corporate Forensic Investigations

Senior Executive Leavers – Confidential Information Removal

Senior executive leavers may be privy to highly confidential and proprietary data. CYFOR are experienced in forensically acquiring data from relevant devices and ensuring forensic deletion in-line with the risk management protocol requirements of the client.

Acting for Senior Executive Leavers

CYFOR are well-versed in confidential information removal, acting on behalf of senior executives as they depart from an organisation. It may be that the individual is privy to highly confidential and proprietary information, and as such, needs to take steps to prove they have rid themselves of access or possession of such data.

It may be that as a risk management protocol, the soon-to-be-former employer mandates that all company devices provided to a senior individual are to be preserved and investigated upon understanding they are leaving the business.

Forensic Data Acquisition

Upon taking instruction from the instructing client, CYFOR can forensically acquire data from a device, locate relevant documents that are to be deleted, document their findings, and delete these files from the live machine beyond any forensic retrieval. Using this method, we can fully log all the volume and nature of the documents deemed relevant.

Further to simply deleting data, upon request, we can also provide copies of said files to be shared with both sides of the matter to provide the organisation with their data back. This is in conjunction with our report detailing that the data is no longer resident on the devices provided to us.

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