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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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“ Since 2006 CYFOR have provided first class forensic solutions for numerous sensitive and high profile criminal cases, private criminal prosecutions and civil matters. Their work ethic, honesty and speed of turnover is second to none. On occasions they have provided an emergency 'out of hours' support with successful results in terms of outcome, efficiency and cost. They have provided bespoke forensic solutions for numerous technical and complex matters and deliver on customer expectations within and exceeding time frames. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services. ”

Virgin Media

“ CYFOR has a refreshing approach to this area of work. They are professional but also combine a personal element. ”


“ Having previously instructed CYFOR on more than one occasion I would have no hesitation in instructing them again or recommending them to others. ”

Pannone LLP

“ Eversheds recently instructed CYFOR in a complex eDisclosure case. The CYFOR eDisclosure team were extremely responsive in data preservation, ensuring that our client’s business continuity was not interrupted and completing the collection efficiently. The data was processed in Clearwell and presented to us in an intuitive online review platform which allowed the Evershed’s case team and our client to quickly identify and tag responsive documents in less than half the time of manual review. Both Eversheds and our client were extremely impressed by the professionalism of CYFOR. The efficiency and cost savings made ensured that the case was completed on time and to budget. ”


“ Through all your professionalism and expertise you were able to supply police with an extremely useful and vital tool which assisted the prosecution case and was key to the guilty pleas. I really appreciated the fact you kept me updated throughout and that you were very adaptable to evolving requests made by me and by the prosecution barrister. The judge emphasised the forensic computer report illustrated the level of sophistication of the criminal network and the quality of the documents being produced as being essential components that allowed him to come to the sentencing decision that he came to. ”

Metropolitan Police

“ The most impressive part of their involvement was the provision of a highly accurate and detailed forensic report. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending CYFOR to other companies. ”

Caudwell Group Plc

“ Professional and prompt service and able to 'dumb down' the technicalities so that they are understandable to computer illiterates like myself. ”

Knight Polson

“ Having instructed CYFOR on a number of very sensitive matters we have been impressed with their professional and discreet handling of our business and the comprehensive yet user friendly reports drafted as a consequence. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CYFOR to other companies. They certainly set the standard! ”


“ I found CYFOR to be extremely professional in dealing with my case. Not only were they helpful at all times but were able to provide information that could be easily understood by those without technical knowledge. ”

Olliers Solicitors

“ I would like to thank you for your assistance as a witness in this case. Your evidence was very important in bringing this case to justice and your help is greatly appreciated. ”

Criminal Justice System

“ During my time at Cooper Kenyon Burrows, I used CYFOR computer forensics in a number of my high profile specialist fraud cases. From account management to the investigation itself, CYFOR operated with professionalism and complete service excellence. CYFOR will continue to be my digital forensic experts of choice at Burrows Bussin. ”

Burrows Bussin

“ Vantis has used CYFOR for both data collection and computer forensic investigations. The CYFOR team fully understood the sensitive and discreet nature of many of our onsite data collections and operated with complete professionalism at all times. The computer investigation that followed was also handled with the same integrity and expertise. Building a partnership with CYFOR has enabled us to recover and preserve electronic data at the earliest opportunity to ensure we have a forensic copy for future use if required. ”

Vantis plc

“ Thanks so much to CYFOR for producing such a fast turnaround on our last minute instructions to you. Your work is always of a high quality and has made real differences to our clients' trials and sentence hearings. We would not now consider using anyone else for our digital evidence. ”

Bains Solicitors

“ CYFOR was able to examine the mobile phone quickly and thereafter comment upon the inadequacies of the report obtained by the prosecution with such clarity that we were able to chink the armour of the prosecution case. We are very grateful to CYFOR for their conscientious work and diligence in this case and we thank you on behalf of our client who has been acquitted. ”

Cobleys Solicitors

“ I instructed CYFOR to produce a report on four mobile phones that my client used. The report that was produced assisted in the charge alleged being dropped. Throughout my dealings with CYFOR and its staff I was very impressed by the high standard and assistance the company gave to me. ”

Bastian Lloyd Morris

“ I instructed CYFOR in difficult circumstances upon 11th hour service of complex cell site evidence. Their expert worked flawlessly despite the pressure of an imminent deadline and produced a top notch report that was invaluable in my client's defence. ”

JMW Solicitors

“ I recently instructed CYFOR in a complex case involving computers and telephone data. CYFOR kept me updated in relation to the progress and dealt with our many requests promptly and professionally. All deadlines were met and all Counsels questions were answered. I have recommended CYFOR to other colleagues at my firm and would recommend them for digital forensics. I would definitely use CYFOR again. ”

Powell Spencer & Partners

“ Thank you for all CYFOR’S help in enhancing the security DVD we supplied. Your companies’ response and professionalism has greatly impressed everyone here at DRS. The enhancement showed us a couple of things that had not been noticed during the initial investigation and this helped us to secure the result we needed, this would certainly have not been the case if we had not used your services. ”

Direct Rail Services

“ We write to say thank you for the outstanding work you have produced throughout the currency of this very serious allegation in relation to your examinations of digital cameras, lap tops and electronic foot printing as between all three and notably the deleted files or absence of them in this case. As a direct result of your most excellent work, which proved without any doubt whatsoever that the memory card produced as a principal prosecution exhibit could not have been the original memory card. Based upon those findings and following examination of a lap top hard drive proved to be damaged an application to stay the prosecution was made at Sheffield Crown Court which was successful and led to the prosecution offering no evidence in the case. This is an outstanding result and we thank you for your expert assistance in the case. ”

Adnam Hanif Solicitors

“ We instructed CYFOR in relation to a murder trial at the old bailey at relatively short notice. The report we obtained dealing with cell site analysis and 'leaking' cells, led directly to the aquittal of our client on direction of the Judge. The only defendant to walk from the trial at the close of the pros case. ”

Stuart Miller Solicitors

“ I am very grateful for the assistance my client and I received from CYFOR in a very difficult case. Your understanding of the issues and the way you dealt with sensitive material contributed significantly to a favourable outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend CYFOR in the future. ”

Raleys Solicitors

“ The services from CYFOR were to the same high standard as we have experienced before, and I was pleased with the accuracy of the report. ”


“ Thank you for the superb and professional service CYFOR provided our firm recently. Your firms’ credentials as well as the evidence you uncovered and how you handled the data was critical to winning the case. ”

David Hall International Publishers

“ Invariably a costly part of the litigation process is eDisclosure, but it can also be disruptive. Not only must digital forensics investigators have the resource to react to challenging client requests, like maintaining confidentiality and privilege in cross-border and multi-jurisdictional matters, they must provide a cost-effective solution when managing vast amounts of electronic documents. When we look for partners we try to find companies that add value through their expertise, are responsive to demanding client requirements and understand the economics and sensitivities of commercial litigation. CYFOR’s experienced team has amply satisfied these requirements. ”

Leading International Law Firm

“ The Nuix Web Review tool was an exceptionally easy piece of software to use following a short webinar training session. Within minutes of finishing the course I was able to identify the key issues which were of concern to my client. When I did encounter a slight technical issue, CYFOR’s eDisclosure specialist was immediately on hand to guide me through it. I was extremely impressed with this application and look forward to using it again in the future. ”

Martin Moore, Senior Manager, Forensic & Counter Fraud Services, PKF Littlejohn LLP

“ I was acquitted of all charges and this was largely due to the findings in the Expert Report. I would like to thank you and your companies professionalism and expertise in providing the truth and preventing an injustice. ”

Anonymous Client

“ We have worked with CYFOR, often in a high pressure situation, and have always been impressed by their professionalism. The standard of their investigative work and their knowledge of computer forensics is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. ”

Mishcon de Reya

“ CYFOR provided a strong service and excellent client care. I would be happy to recommend them to others. ”

Pinsent Masons

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