0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

0207 438 2045 contact@cyfor.co.uk

Data Recovery

Experts in retrieving data from multiple digital devices across on a global scale 

Data recovery has become a critical factor within civil and criminal investigations, as well as through day to day circumstances such as accidental damage or system failures. With the advancement of digital technology over the years, storage capacity within this technology has also advanced. Devices can now store vast amounts of data, which is highly beneficial.

Unfortunately, when mishaps inevitably occur,  this vital data can also be lost and deemed non-retrievable.

Data recovery is the most viable option in the event that digital data is seemingly lost, due to hardware failure, human error or a technical malfunction.

However, due to CYFOR’s years of experience in eDiscovery and data recovery services, there is always the possibility that the data can be recovered as CYFOR operate a team of highly qualified professionals using the latest specialist equipment in accordance with Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines.

Data which has been deleted or corrupted on servers, memory cards, hard drives, RAID devices or any other digital media can be recovered by CYFOR.

Benefits of using CYFOR include:

  • Experienced case managers
  • Court trained forensic investigators
  • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited
  • Court ready reports from industry experts
  • Secure collection and delivery of exhibits via security cleared CYFOR couriers

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