Corporate Forensic Investigations

Digital Forensic Investigations

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We provide an extensive range of digital forensic investigations for all investigative circumstances.

Our team of highly qualified digital forensic investigators are acknowledged as industry experts within their respective fields and are all Expert Witness trained, frequently presenting evidence in court.

Between them, they have a diverse range of backgrounds, including ex-police, ex-military, cybersecurity specialists and digital forensics experts.

Preserving Digital Evidence

Suspected fraudulent and malicious activity warrants immediate attention. The rapid preservation of digital evidence is critical to avoid a situation that could spiral out of control, causing irreparable damage to your personal or organisational intellectual property.

CYFOR are leading specialists in digital forensic investigations and are regularly instructed to conduct complex investigations across a full breadth of industries. This wealth of knowledge and experience allows our experts to effectively conduct the most sensitive and complex digital forensic investigations while adhering to strict forensic protocols. Their expertise is called upon within many high-profile matters, many of which have garnered media attention, culminating in expert witness testimonies in the High Court.


Internal Investigations

If potential misconduct should be discovered or suspected within your organisation, it is critical that rapid remediation techniques are applied to avoid financial, regulatory or reputational damage.

CYFOR’s digital forensic investigation team have experience in responding to the following situations;

  • Investigation into any type of computer misuse
  • Corruption and bribery investigations
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Investigations linked to contentious insolvency matters
  • Background checks and desktop reviews
  • Fraudulent vendor invoices and emails
  • Employee misconduct
  • Data theft
  • Mismanagement and theft of intellectual property
  • Malicious software


Digital Forensic Investigation Services

CYFOR operate a rapid response team to deal with such circumstances quickly and effectively, which could be critical to the success of any investigation.

  • Forensic computer analysis
  • Forensic mobile phone analysis
  • Analysis of call data records from mobile phones
  • Determining mobile phone whereabouts on specific dates
  • Analysis and enhancement of audio and video files
  • Digital media, including social media accounts


Industries and sectors

We have assisted the following organisations with Digital Forensic Investigations.

  • Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
  • Forensic accountants
  • Corporations
  • Banks
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Private clients

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Interested in our other Corporate Forensic Investigation services?

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