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Why organisations are likely to witness an increase in Insider Data Theft

increase in Insider Data Theft

We discuss how organisations are likely to witness an increase in insider data theft, and what business owners and security leaders can do to prevent it.

Organisations across the globe have continued to adopt cloud-based solutions within their company. It has helped ensure that organisations can have remote workers and hybrid working environments, allowing for a perceived increase in productivity, flexibility, and employee well-being. For most companies, this transition has been seamless. However, the risks that inevitably come with the use of cloud-based solutions have also increased. One trend that CYFOR has seen an increase in throughout 2022, and one we expect to continue to grow throughout 2023, is the potential of insider data theft.

Insider Data Theft

This global adoption of hybrid working environments has perpetuated an increase in the risk of insider data theft. Whether this is a case of employees being more comfortable working from home and they perceive that they don’t have eyes over their shoulders or perhaps feeling more relaxed and that nobody is watching what they are doing. That could be considered one of the key reasons behind the increase in data theft from within an organisation. CYFOR’s experts have seen these trends throughout the year, with numerous instructions from law firms and directly from businesses alike. With cloud use increasing and the continued hybrid working model not going away anytime soon, the expectation is that this trend will continue.


In order to prevent insider data theft from occurring as much as possible, organisations need to put in place the appropriate securities to prevent insider data theft from occurring. Time and money must be implemented to ensure robust security measures, internal procedures and prevention methodologies are put in place, and most importantly followed from within an organisation. These security measures will also help in the prevention of external cyber threats. Should insider data theft occur and you require external expertise, CYFOR’s Corporate Forensics Investigation team are on standby to assist.

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