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The CYFOR Group Goes Carbon Neutral

With help from Carbon Neutral Britain™ the CYFOR Group are pleased to announce that we are now a carbon-neutral business

As a fast-growing organisation, the CYFOR Group wants to ensure that we continue to do our part for the environment. As such, we’re pleased to announce that we are now a carbon-neutral business. With help from Carbon Neutral Britain™, we have calculated and offset our total emissions with verified carbon offsetting projects around the world. This is part of our ongoing mission to reduce our emissions each year and reduce our impact on the planet.

Founded in 2020, Carbon Neutral Britain™ is the UK’s Carbon Offsetting Initiative – helping British Individuals and Businesses make an impact on Climate Change. There Vision is to become a leading Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Britain to tackle the Climate Change Crisis by educating and providing voluntary carbon offsetting to all – from individual subscriptions, charities and organisations – to businesses of all sizes.

So far their projects have already offset over 500,000 Tonnes of CO₂e and planted over 3 million Trees, helping stop climate change and providing essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

Click here if you’re interested in becoming a carbon neutral business.

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