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The BBC interview CYFOR expert for new Rip Off Britain series

Rip Off Britain

CYFOR Director and digital forensics expert Keith Cottenden is being interviewed for a collection of new episodes for the BBC’s Rip Off Britain series.

Rip Off Britain is a BBC One series, which was first aired on November 2009 and exposes a range of illegal activities that affect consumers across the country. The format of the show involves the presenters investigating stories of consumers who have fallen foul of rip-off scams and details how these scams have been executed. The show also explains how the everyday consumer can avoid these unfortunate circumstances as well as interviewing experts who convey their professional opinion on the subject matter.

CYFOR Technical Director Keith Cottenden is one of those experts who has been interviewed and filmed by the BBC for their new series of Rip Off Britain, which will be aired on September 2016 (exact date to be confirmed nearer the time). At this stage no specific details can be released on the subject matter, however, below are photographs of Keith and the BBC team hitting the streets to interview the unsuspecting public.

Keith Cottenden – CYFOR Technical Director Biography

Keith is the Director responsible for the investigations team at CYFOR and is responsible for directing all forensic operations within the company. He provides specialist knowledge of information technology investigative techniques and dealing with complex evidential and legal issues, while instructing investigating officers and counsel where appropriate. Keith also ensures evidence continuity, evidential integrity and admissibility of any recovered evidence in a manner acceptable to a Court of Law.

His exemplary career includes 22 years in the Royal Air Force Police specialising as a Counter Intelligence and Information Technology Security investigator and joined CYFOR in 2004.

He has personally completed well over 300 cases during this period and has worked on behalf of law enforcement agencies, solicitors and corporate clients on a variety of UK based and international cases. He is a highly experienced and respected digital forensic expert witness who is regularly instructed in significant civil litigation cases and regularly gives evidence in criminal and civil courts including the High Court of Justice.

Keith is experienced in conducting investigations and consulting at clients premises worldwide, preparing complex technical reports for clients and court that are easy to understand, informative and precise. He has the relevant understanding of British, EU and US law in relation to civil litigation, computer based fraud, misuse and corporate IT legislative requirements, bolstered with a comprehensive knowledge of the ACPO guidelines and the procedures relating to the investigation of computer crime.

He has presented hundreds of seminars and has spoken at national and international conferences and is frequently quoted in the media. He has featured on Panorama ‘Are the Net Police Coming for You?’ (2010) and BBC Inside Out (2014); also live on Sky News (2014) and BBC London News (2008), giving expert opinion in relation to an Internet fraud case.

He is an honorary visiting lecturer in advanced digital forensics at De Montfort University and a visiting fellow within the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire; Keith has a postgraduate degree in Forensic Computing and is an EnCase Certified Examiner.

You can view Keith’s other interviews on the CYFOR YouTube channel here. 

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