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So what of the new Clearwell and Symantec relationship?

Clearwell and Symantec join forces to create a true end to end eDisclosure package.

As a Clearwell partner, we are always keen to pass on any news and developments.  After a meeting with Clearwell this morning we are all excited about the forthcoming new release and pricing structure….more to follow on that in a later blog.

With the acquisition of Clearwell by Symantec in May, the benefits of this relationship are becoming more apparent.  A true end to end eDisclosure package has been developed with the solution now incorporating those elements to the far left of the EDRM model – information management and identification, see definitions below:

Information management – Getting your electronic house in order to mitigate risk and expenses should eDiscovery become an issue, from the initial creation of electronically stored information through its final disposition.

Identification – Locating potential sources of electronically stored information and determining its scope, breadth and depth.

Symantec’s Enterprise Vault is an email and content archiving software that integrates the company’s data loss prevention technology to automatically handle the archiving and retention of all communications.  This fulfils the information management stage of the eDisclosure process.

Enterprise Vault 10, which was released on Monday, now handles social media interactions that can be archived for compliance and eDisclosure purposes.  Social media communication is now increasingly important to retain for eDisclosure as it could hold valuable information which is integral to the case.

In Symantec’s recent blog, Sean Regan, Director of Product Marketing for Symantec’s Information Management Group, describes how customers can write a policy about how to handle different types of corporate communication.

“So a policy could specify something like, all emails with the word ‘finance’ in them must be archived and, one archived, how they are classified.  Not all emails are equal.  They need to be classified.  That’s what the sharing of classifications between our data loss prevention and Enterprise Vault does.  This is an evolution of storage ad security”.

And this is just the start.  I believe the Clearwell and Symantec relationship can only go from strength to strength and as a partner, CYFOR can pass these benefits to our clients.

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