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Quinn Melville Solicitors Testimonial

Quinn Melville Solicitors Testimonial

CYFOR collaborated with Quinn Melville Solicitors on a serious criminal investigation, involving CCTV digital evidence.

Quinn Melville Solicitors Testimonial

I recently instructed CYFOR on a serious and complicated case involving CCTV. My client was alleged to have assisted an offender accused of murder, part of the allegation being that she had deliberately caused a CCTV system to be shut down. The police provided expert evidence to show that the system had been systematically shut down at a specific and relevant time. CYFOR were instructed by me to examine the system and produce a report.  Their expert showed that the system had shut down in an uncontrolled manner, such as a loss of power, and not in the manner alleged by the police. The expert produced a detailed statement of his findings which was served upon the Prosecution and caused them to drop that part of the allegation. The entire team at CYFOR were professional and efficient from start to finish and I would recommend them highly.  Their report was fundamental in changing the outlook of my client’s case and she was subsequently acquitted of the rest of the allegation by a jury.

Zoe Gascoyne – Partner Quinn Melville

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