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IP and Data Theft Investigations

Data Theft Investigations

CYFOR provide extensive digital forensic expertise in intellectual property and data theft investigations.

If electronic evidence exists that the intellectual property of your client has been compromised, then we will find it.

This includes the following data theft investigations:

  • Forensically imaging the computer/laptop
  • Data extraction of all user generated data, including live and easily recoverable deleted data
  • Data carving for deleted emails which may reside in unallocated space
  • Application of specific keywords across the
    data to narrow the results and provide more relevant data
  • Application of Internet Evidence Finder software across the data to provide a spreadsheet detailing all Internet history for the period in question
  • Determine any evidence of copying of data via Dropbox or other web based storage devices
  • Look for evidence of any web based email correspondence
  • Look for evidence of usage of USB devices and copying of data
  • Results provided on a hard drive or disc for review

CYFOR has provided digital forensic services in employment cases ranging from intellectual property and data theft, partnership and contract disputes, to social media issues. CYFOR is able to forensically investigate computer, mobile phone, cell site, and audio video evidence in a matter of hours or days in order to meet your requirements.

Please feel free to call us for any help or advice.

For more information about our digital forensic services, please call 0161 797 8123 or email

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