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Fieldings Porter Digital Forensics Testimonial

Fieldings Porter Digital Forensics Testimonial

Fieldings Porter Solicitors are a long-established law firm providing an extensive range of legal services, including criminal, employment and litigation disputes.

Criminal Case overview

The solicitor’s client was jointly charged with his brother with an offence of wounding with intent. The client stated he was not present at the time the complainant was injured, and that he was a couple of streets away at his friend’s residence. He states that he received a telephone call from his brother telling him there had been an altercation.

The prosecution served a sequence of events chart setting out the important contacts between the defendant’s and the witnesses. The prosecution refused to provide the entirety of the mobile telephone reports including the complainant’s records.

Digital Forensic Requirements

Phone reports were required so that an accuracy check of the phone schedule could be provided. The two phones involved were an iPhone 5 and Samsung GT 19300. The solicitor required the following information:

  • Is the clock on the phone accurate?
  • Were the call times accurate?
  • Were the call log entries a result of the client manually accessing any applications or did the phone process the applications in the background?
  • Was certain phone activity the result of the client manually accessing the file system or as a result of the phone updating by its own accord?

Fieldings Porter Digital Forensics Testimonial

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you very much for all your help and assistance last week.  I am always amazed at how efficient you are and even more so after last week.  I couldn’t believe that I was able to have a report within 36 hours of instruction and your forensic investigator did a fantastic job. I know that you had to juggle some other work to accommodate my request and for this I am very grateful. You are my go to team for any digital matters because of your excellent service, non-jargon communication and willingness to assist whatever the short notice period!

Laura Leech – Associate

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