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eDiscovery Property Litigation Case Study

CYFOR were instructed on a £ 132 million eDiscovery property litigation case, heard within the High Court.

The initial instruction was to process and upload several email accounts, received via our online file share. It became apparent shortly after the review began that there were several more custodians and devices involved in the case. As a result, we were instructed to carry out further onsite forensic collections and import the data onto our online review platform, Relativity.

Adhering to court deadlines and trials, strict time constraints were applied to process the data onto Relativity and subsequently provide this to the 73 reviewers that were hosted on the system. Due to the vast amount of data required for review and the timescales involved, work was subcontracted out by the client to external reviewers. Many of these reviewers were unfamiliar with the Relativity, therefore a large amount of CYFOR’s eDiscovery team’s time was dedicated to training them proficiently in the use of the platform and adhere to the bespoke workflow that had been created. Due to the high number of reviewers, visual audit dashboards were created for the project administrators to keep track of the reviewer performance.

Project Management

Time was also spent training the administrators to manage the project on Relativity and assisting them with advanced searches and workflows. CYFOR provided ongoing project management and technical support throughout the course of the review and trial, working above and beyond, all hours throughout the night to meet deadlines. During the trial of this case, multiple productions were required at extremely short notice, to be run and exported from the platform and provided to the opposing side. Due to the strict time constraints and the importance of the court case,

CYFOR’s eDiscovery team worked around the clock 7 days a week to meet the client’s demands. As the trial approached, CYFOR’s eDiscovery experts also spent time in the client’s London offices with the law firm’s team, assisting with schedules and questions posed by the opposing parties. CYFOR acted with professionalism and integrity throughout this high-profile case and developed excellent working relations with the client.

About Relativity

CYFOR utilise premium eDiscovery software, in the form of Relativity. This is an advanced online review platform, incorporating several invaluable features, including email threading, predictive coding and search analytics. These vastly improve review speed and allow data to be filtered and visualised, so you can find the exact information you require quickly and efficiently.

Key Elements

▪ eDiscovery property litigation
▪ Location: London, United Kingdom
▪ Complex eDiscovery project
▪ Large scale
▪ High profile media coverage
▪ 73 active Relativity users
▪ 7-day working week
▪ Predictive Coding utilised

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