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eDiscovery Litigation Case Study

CYFOR were instructed in an eDiscovery litigation case, which involved 6 separate companies.

All 6 companies were within the agricultural industry, involving multiple claims against all parties. Due to the number of recipients involved in the matter, there were approximately 3,800,000 documents required for analysis, which included electronic data and hard copy documents.

Processing the electronic data

The electronic copies were uploaded onto our premium online review platform, Relativity. Each company’s data set had a bespoke workflow created due to the requirement to produce documents broken down by their individual organisation. Extensive coding views, layouts and fields were applied to accommodate the multiple claims for each company at the point of disclosure. The vast size of the data required also required our experts to apply the Relativity analytics function of textual near duplicates. This removed duplicate information and reduced the data size for review, with multiple exclusionary keyword searches carried out to further reduce the data set.

Even with the application of analytical functions to reduce the volume of data, the multiple data productions ultimately made this CYFOR’s most extensive project management heavy case to date, with the eDiscovery team working round the clock, 7 days a week for 5 weeks.

Managed Document Review

CYFOR’s in-house courier service carried out multiple collections of hard-copy documents, totalling in excess of 90 banker’s boxes containing lever-arch files. Scanning and unitisation of these documents were then actioned before they were processed into Relativity. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was also applied so that specific keyword searches could be performed on the documentation to ascertain the relevant information.

Key Elements

▪ eDiscovery litigation
▪ Location: United Kingdom
▪ 1 Law Firm, 6 Clients
▪ 3,800,000 documents
▪ 6 Forensic collections
▪ 91 Bankers Boxes of scanned material
▪ 12TB of processed data
▪ 2.5TB ingested onto Relativity
▪ Extensive round the clock project management

About Relativity

CYFOR utilise premium software to deal with eDiscovery litigation cases, in the form of Relativity. This is an advanced online review platform, incorporating several invaluable features, including email threading, predictive coding and search analytics. These vastly improve review speed and allow data to be filtered and visualised, so you can find the exact information you require quickly and efficiently.

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