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CYFOR partners up with Guidance Software

Guidance Software

CYFOR has signed a partnership agreement with Guidance Software to offer and support EnCase Enterprise.

This partnership will enable us to enhance our digital forensics capability, with a network-enabled investigation tool.

EnCase Enterprise provides a platform to establish a complete enterprise-wide investigation from a central location with minimal disruption – no matter how large and complex the network environment might be.

The partnership was a natural fit combining CYFOR’s nine-year forensic experience with a proven and scalable software solution from Guidance.  Joel Tobias, CYFOR’s Managing Director, commented “We are very pleased to announce this partnership agreement.  EnCase Enterprise provides remote investigation capabilities to give security professionals, investigators and computer incident response teams the ability to investigate data from servers and workstations anywhere on a corporate network without disrupting operations”.

“CYFOR can support critical investigations using our expertise to guide organisations through forensic cases such as theft of intellectual property, corporate computer usage policy violations, corporate fraud or an internal users misusing their access privileges”.

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