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CYFOR and Pearl Scan Join Forces

Pearl Scan

Strategic partnership of CYFOR and Pearl Scan integrates high speed scanning and the conversion of large volumes of data, to provide efficient eDiscovery and digital forensics solutions to the legal profession

CYFOR and Pearl Scan today announce their strategic partnership. The move looks set to drastically reduce the time taken to turn a file into electronic information. The partnership of the two companies will combine CYFOR’s eDiscovery services and Pearl Scans fast and accurate scanning solution to create a one stop solution for the legal industry. This will allow industry professionals to access to data held within vast amount of files in a digital form with increased efficiency.

The legal profession has long relied on paper – be it from matter files to transcripts or hand written notes. Capturing this data can be time consuming, with timing and accuracy being paramount to winning a case. Pearl Scan uses professional, dedicated scanning technology to be able to scan three million pages a week. This speed can convert legal documents to usable data within days, rather than months, without losing any accuracy.

Data is a prime factor towards winning any legal case, and any legal firm or professional can ensure that they have a full set of clear and accurate evidence, before their opposition does, by implementing an innovative eDiscovery solution from CYFOR and Pearl Scan.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “At Pearl Scan we are experts at scanning and converting physical documents and presenting them in an easily searchable form in order to reveal unprecedented amounts of data. We have long worked with the legal industry, and we look forward to offering the fully rounded solution that we can now implement thanks to our partnership with CYFOR.”

Ryan Farber, Director of CYFOR continued, “This partnership is exciting for both businesses as it means we can create an efficient solution for the legal industry. We understand how important it is for law firms to receive accurate information around a case in as little time as possible – combining our offerings from CYFOR with the services from Pearl Scan was the next step needed to create the perfect solution.”

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