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CYFOR Leads Crackdown on TV Fraudsters

A gang of TV fraudsters face lengthy custodial sentences after profiting from selling illegal set-top boxes to receive Virgin Media channels.

CYFOR was key to this investigation providing conclusive evidence in the high profile investigation which sends out a warning to other would-be fraudsters. The illegal set-top boxes allowed people access to some of Virgin Media’s paid-for digital TV channels for free.

Keith Cottenden, Forensic Services Director and CYFOR and Expert Witness in this case commented:

“We’ve worked closely with Virgin Media to really clamp down on this kind of illegal activity. The defendants are facing up to six years in prison for the crime.”

He added:

“This is a serious criminal offence and the scale of the problem shouldn’t be underestimated. Many people probably don’t realise that they are committing a crime even by receiving channels that they should be paying for.”

Malcolm Davies, head of fraud and security at Virgin Media, said:

“The CYFOR team has been dedicated to providing clear and concise evidence throughout the investigation. This should act as a serious warning to others to steer clear of this type of crime.

“Across the industry, we take this matter extremely seriously and will continue to prosecute individuals connected with this type of TV fraud.”

This conviction, aided by forensic evidence from CYFOR – whose forensic investigators, Keith Cottenden and Adrian Wood acted as expert witnesses throughout the trial – has now paved the way for Virgin Media to launch further private criminal prosecutions.

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