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CYFOR eDiscovery experts achieve Relativity Certified Administrator qualification

Relativity Certified Administrator

KCura’s Relativity Roadshow was held in London on the 3rd of May, showcasing their latest technological developments to law firms and eDiscovery vendors from around the world.

The event featured engaging panel discussions, presentations with industry thought leaders, hands-on labs, breakout sessions, and insights from both kCura staff and Relativity end users. This is all designed to provide a great educational experience while connecting the Relativity community.
However, before all this activity took place, there were more pressing matters for some of the CYFOR eDiscovery team in the morning session in the form of the Relativity Certified Administrator exams (RCA for short).

This stringent 3-hour exam ensures that case administrators fully understand Relativity’s capabilities, allowing them to maximize the software’s flexibility and provide an intuitive interface for end-users, while validating their knowledge and expertise in the software. As a kCura partner, CYFOR champion the Relativity online review platform as it is instrumental in CYFOR’s eDiscovery cases, utilising the Early Case Assessment (ECA) capabilities as well as the extensive review tools.

CYFOR’s eDiscovery specialists Paula Forrest and Danielle Neil sat the exam and we’re happy to announce that they passed with flying colours and now join an elite group of global Relativity Certified Administrators!

Relativity Certified Administrator

The Relativity Certified Administrator program and our eDiscovery specialists’ achievement in passing it are in keeping with CYFOR’s dedication to maximising all the technology at our disposal. This is to guarantee the highest level of service to our clients while ensuring a successful outcome.

CYFOR endeavour to upgrade to the latest version of the software, which in its latest iteration is Relativity 9.3 (9.4 is slated for a June release).

Relativity 9.3 

Relativity 9.3 upgrades and benefits

Relativity 9.3 rolls out a number of user interface enhancements that include improved resizing and persistence for panels on your dashboard, better organization of conditions on filter cards within the search panel, and the Edit Search and Save Search icons that display on the action bar when a search is selected in the search browser have been reinstated.

Additionally, new security options have been added that enable you to control which users can create new search conditions on the new search panel.

Turn any field of metadata or coding information into a widget to visualize your data. Search through your data by interacting with graphs and charts to automatically apply filter criteria. Need to do a more sophisticated analysis? Turn any widget into a pivot chart by combining multiple fields of data to see where information such as search terms intersects with your custodians.

Combine full-text searches with filter criteria on any field in your database. Drag and drop conditions into logic groups. Use a visual conditions panel to build the advanced nested searches your investigation requires without any of the complexity.

De-clutter your Relativity workspace by dragging and dropping the visualization widgets and document lists you want to see, where you want to see them. Save it all as a dashboard to get going faster the next time you log in.

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