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Cyber Security Infographic: Exploring Cyber Attacks

A Cyber Security infographic, detailing some of the key types of cyber attacks that threaten all organisations globally.

Cyber attacks are becoming ever more common; as cyber criminals take advantage of the various malicious activities available to them. These attacks are deployed against businesses and organisations of all sizes and descriptions.

A common misconception is that cyber criminals are mainly focused on targeting larger organisations (Lloyds Bank was hit with a Denial-of-Service attack yesterday). While these are of course still being targeted, SME attacks are on the rise.

Historically, SME’s have not been the target of cybercrime but the latest Government Security Breaches Survey has found drastically different statistics in recent years. In 2015, 74% of SME’s reported a security breach; a stark rise in previous years.

Cyber security software specialist Symantec has also reported that phishing campaigns targeting employees increased by 55% in 2015. More concerning, is that many of these SME’s are not taking cyber attacks seriously, with 82% believing they are too small to be targeted.

However, a cyber security survey published by Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey found that a single attack in 2015 could cost a company as much £310,800, a substantial increase from the 2014’s high of £115,000. In 2017, this figure could climb even higher!

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