Andrew Frowen

Andrew Frowen

Chief Technical Officer

As the Chief Technical Officer at the CYFOR Group, Andrew is responsible for overseeing technical operations and ensuring the delivery of services for the group. Andrew carries the distinction of being a Chartered IT Professional (MBCS CITP) and possesses a PgDip in forensic computing. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in Cyber and Digital Forensics investigations, he stands as a seasoned visionary executive at the senior level.

Andrew’s proficiency shines in driving growth and identifying new business prospects, aligning market demands with innovative technical solutions. Throughout his career, Andrew has earned recognition for his analytical acumen, aptitude for problem-solving, and adeptness in crafting remedies for operational and service related challenges.

As a hands-on leader and mentor, Andrew exudes approachability and determination. His passion is palpable, and he excels in understanding his team, offering effective support, and eliciting their utmost potential. Notably, Andrew is a recognised authority in areas such as Digital Forensic case management, Digital Forensic services, and quality standards.

Beyond the confines of the office, Andrew dedicates his time to his cherished sport, golf, and embarks on globetrotting adventures with his family.

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