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Online review platforms can be a powerful and indispensable tool in the eDisclosure and eDiscovery process.

Online review can allow the efficient and effective management of large amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) in commercial litigation or criminal investigations and reduce costs.

CYFOR understand the need to be at the cutting edge of evolving eDiscovery technology and that is why we utilise a range of leading technology platforms including Encase, Nuix and the Relativity eDiscovery platform. We have at our disposal our own document review team as well as eDiscovery project managers who are experts in;

  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Predictive coding
  • Relativity Analytics

We are also proud to have Relativity Certified Administrators, joining an elite group of certified users totalling less than 1000 worldwide. This certification ensures that users of the software fully understand its capabilities and can maximise its potential for end users, which is in CYFOR’s goal to provide the highest level of service to clients’, while further establishing all capabilities readily available for a successful outcome.

12 reasons to use an online review platform

The following is a quick summary of the situations when using an online review platform would be advantageous:

  1. When handling large volumes of ESI (Electronically Stored Information);
  2. When data volumes need to be significantly reduced quickly;
  3. If applying search terms to the data is useful;
  4. While coding, tagging, and categorising the data is crucial;
  5. When complicated redaction’s are required;
  6. If electronic disclosure lists, productions and court bundles are required;
  7. When secure access from home or elsewhere is required, or your employees are in multiple locations;
  8. When the volume of data prohibits making hard copies of the files;
  9. When the rebuilding of email discussions is required;
  10. When data analytics are required (how many files of given types were associated with which custodians etc.);
  11. When seeking a court trained independent forensic expert will aid your case;
  12. When working with a tight disclosure deadline and reduced costs are critical.


Through the intelligent use of an online review platform to review documents the productivity of your legal and IT staff can be immediately improved.

Online review can enable over 100 concurrent reviewers to rapidly conduct a privilege and responsive review.  The web-based interface allows users to review data natively.  The following tools enhance usability:

  • Redaction – Reviewers can quickly and easily redact documents in multiple colours, apply reason codes, and verify redactions prior to production.  It is possible to automatically redact certain keywords, phrases and personal information.  A privilege log of all privileged documents can be created for opposing counsel.
  • Document tagging – Individual or sets of documents can be tagged to direct reviewers to relevant decision points.  User defined criteria means that documents can be classified by status and relevance.
  • Review sets – Users are able to organized document sets intended for processing, search & analysis, review, and production into access controlled folders.

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