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Manchester: 0161 797 8123
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Employee Investigations

Protecting business interests and reducing the risk of potential misconduct, with specialist internal investigations.

We understand the importance of protecting the integrity of your organisation’s data across all departments.

That is why we offer a unique range of bespoke computer and mobile forensic packages designed to facilitate your requirements. These provide added reassurance in the event of an employee leaving unexpectedly, either to a competitor or via resignation or dismissal.

Our team of highly qualified investigators use the latest technology and digital forensic techniques to discover all potential evidence within a wide range of corporate investigations. Extensive forensic capabilities developed since 2002 allow us to recover, image and analyse a variety range of electronically stored information, with all investigations supplemented with a detailed, court suitable report.

Employee Leavers Packages

Below are the core services we provide within employee investigations, which can be tailored into a bespoke package to suit your precise requirements.
We can also incorporate aspects of our cyber security services to complement your employee leavers package. 

  • A detailed bespoke workflow to secure company data when an employee resigns or is dismissed from the business.
  • Forensically image (exact copy with preserved metadata) computer devices on a monthly basis.
  • Extraction of entire employee mailbox for presentation or potential analysis.
  • Full summary analysis of computer operating system and configuration.


  • Analysis of user-accounts for activity in the month leading-up to notice date, including;
  • USB activity analysis
  • Internet history investigation
  • Analysis of email activity
  • Search and recover deleted data
  • Bulk printing activity analysis
  • Keyword search
  • Report of findings (suitable for use in court).
  • Highly secure storage of preserved ex-employee data for 6 months, for potential future analysis.
  • Comprehensive analysis of employee computers on a monthly basis.
  • Uploading collected data onto online review platform for search and analysis.

Employee Investigations



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