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The secret diary of a LegalTech virgin

Although CYFOR has attended LegalTech in New York for the past 6 years, it is my first experience of the event.

It’s the legal technology event of the calendar and provides the opportunity to hob nob with the movers and shakers in the eDisclosure arena.

So with the event in full flow what have been the highlights?  Food has certainly featured highly on that list….well not just food but the opportunity for networking that comes with it.  Lunch, dinner and even breakfast all provide an occasion to chat with those prominent in eDisclosure and litigation support.

One such breakfast was held on our first day in the big smoke.  The breakfast arranged by Trilantic, affectionately known as the ‘Commonwealth breakfast’, is attended by vendors, solicitors, judges and consultants and certainly provided me with a chance to put faces to the names I’d heard so often.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Chris Dale who, with his wealth of knowledge on all things eDisclosure, provided me with plenty of food for thought.  My colleague, Kathleen O’Connor, sat on the opposite side of the table next to Steven.  Having not met Steven before, she politely asked what he did for a living only to discover he was a judge and not just any judge but Senior Master Whitaker!  The penny dropped and she ensured that she made the most of the rare opportunity to sit with such an influential figure.

Having re-programmed myself to New York time, a couple of days of meetings, networking and research have followed.  With the conference and exhibition itself now in it’s second day, we have been able to build the groundwork for future partnerships and suss out the competition.

Meetings with Clearwell and Nuix have demonstrated exciting new features and advances in technology that will facilitate the eDisclosure process and ensure that the client has the best user experience possible whilst maintaining proportionality.

But perhaps the biggest highlight for me has been seeing the extent of the UK presence at this event.  To me that shows that eDisclosure is not just for the big boys but is hitting the radar of the litigation teams in mid tier organisations.  Vendors, consultants and clients alike are genuinely interested in ensuring that the eDisclosure process is made as smooth as possible through the correct use of the right technology, after all, if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well.

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