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The importance of imaging and the impotence of not!

We were recently contacted by one of our clients who had been appointed as Administrators for a large multinational.

They desperately needed to consider the accounting system of their client in forensic detail but were struggling to gain access to the data.

They had been instructed themselves some time ago and as part of their duties to creditors, they had liquidated the assets of the business in order to re-distribute the maximum possible proceeds to creditors.

In doing so, however, they had also disposed of vital data that they now desperately required.

They had retained backup tapes which contained financial information, but this was only capable of being interpreted using the original accounting system. This system which was a very expensive product and cost prohibitive to purchase, and not unsurprisingly the vendor had no interest in helping out.

If however they had chosen to take Forensic Images of certain elements of their I.T. systems via imaging, the opportunities for re-creating the data would have been far broader and it would have been a much simpler, and cheaper, process.

Why didn’t they take them? Well we’re not sure, but you can bet that the perceived cost was a major part to play. Unfortunately, now, the cost to achieve what they desperately need will be about 10 times higher. I think the moral of the story speaks for itself.

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