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Reduce eDisclosure costs via forensic collection

Targeted forensic data collection can reduce eDisclosure costs.

It has been commented upon in recent months that solicitors tend to focus on the analysis and review stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

However, if the collected data in the review platform is unnecessary or irrelevant then the cost and time spent on litigation could be much higher than it needs to be. Targeted forensic data collection can reduce eDisclosure costs.

The foundation stages of the EDRM (information management, identification, collection and preservation), if deployed correctly, ensure that only highly relevant and fully auditable data is sent for formal review.  This will result in an efficient eDiscovery process and potentially huge cost savings.

In recent meetings with Litigation Support Managers of the magic circle firms, we have identified that flexible data collection techniques is also an area of eDisclosure where significant savings can be made, both monetary and time.

Forensic data collection can be conducted in a number of ways.

An increasingly popular method, and one which CYFOR regularly uses, is the collection of logical evidence files.  This forensic process allows you to select which files or folders you wish to preserve, instead of acquiring an entire drive or server.  Unlike simply using IT personnel to copy files which could alter the critical metadata, logical evidence files preserve the original data as it existed on the media.

There are clear benefits to the collection of logical evidence files including minimising disruption to the client’s business continuity through live acquisition, reducing processing costs with control over data volumes, and maintaining continuity of evidence through forensically sound data collection.

Only those eDisclosure solutions that explore and refine the foundation stages of EDRM can really be considered as true ‘end-to-end’ solutions – starting with early, fast and accurate search, collection and preservation.

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