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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes???

 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who will watch the watchmen? Plans are afoot to introduce regulation for digital forensics practitioners.

This is almost certainly a good thing, but has been tried before, with limited success. The Council for Registered Practitioners (CRFP) attempted to introduce a their own digital forensics accreditation but there were issues with those that were providing the oversight which impacted on the value of the credibility it was supposed to provide.  In the end very few practitioners have, so far, adopted it as a standard. Matters were not helped due to the voluntary nature of the registration process.

Now, the Forensic Science Regulator, is to host a conference on March 31st 2009 in Birmingham to launch a consultation process exploring the digital forensic communities views on a quality standards framework. Most people would agree that some form of oversight is a good thing, but unless the community itself can agree on who is doing the oversight then it has every possibility of falling flat again.

Watch this space


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