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Predict the cost of your litigation

OK, so we can’t quite predict the outcome of your litigation but we can predict the cost of your eDisclosure…

As experts in Digital Forensics and eDisclosure, we know it’s essential to have a handle on costs. Identifying these costs before the Case Management Conference (CMC), allows for accurate budgeting and provides the comfort of no nasty surprises.

Time and time again the industry is guilty of delivering bad news to clients telling them that the costs on their eDisclosure case have risen… again. CYFOR have addressed this issue and developed a simple pricing structure based on 12 years of industry experience within eDisclosure and litigation. Fixed pricing gives that extra assurance to clients and helps build a trusting relationship, which is key to success. On eDisclosure, for instance, a fixed price for the entirety of the matter allows the client to know how much they will pay prior to the agreement. Fixed pricing is also consistent, so our clients get used to our pricing and have less risk of offending them by fluctuating prices over the duration.

What do you get within the CYFOR fixed fee???

Fixed Scope 

  • Data Mapping & Preservation
  • Forensic Imaging
  • Processing & Filtering
  • Active User Licences
  • Hosting Period

Fixed Benefits

  • 24/7 Access 365 Days A Year
  • Secure Evidence Storage
  • Unlimited Project Management
  • Complimentary Training
  • Full Use of Analytics
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