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Parvaz Khan Joins CYFOR’s Growing Cell Site Analysis Team

Cell Site Analysis Team

With the ongoing expansion of all departments within CYFOR, Parvaz Khan joins the growing Cell Site Analysis team.

Commenting on his new position at CYFOR, Parvaz said:

“After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Forensics, I have gathered three years of industry experience in Cell-Site Analysis whilst working for both the Prosecution and Defence sectors. My expertise includes the processing of billing/call data records, analysis of mobile telephone Cell-Site activity (movement), the plotting of cell-mast locations, the creation of mapping exhibits and mobile telephone Radio Frequency (RF) surveying. With regards to Communications and Cell Site evidence, I have conducted evidential analysis in cases for the Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Leicester, Merseyside and Northumbria Constabularies as well as being instructed in numerous defence cases.”

Head of Cell Site and Digital Media Investigations, Dan Sutton, added:

“Acquiring the services of Parvaz Khan enables our continued growth, whilst maintaining our high quality of service. Having worked with Parvaz previously, I’m excited to be working with him again, he brings with him a wealth of invaluable experience which will greatly benefit the team and our client base.”

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